Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been no live shows with an Audience as of the 14th of March 2020. Please keep an eye on our instagram and youtube !! We hope you stay home and stay safe! We will announce on instagram when we are returning to live activities as soon as we know.

For the time being we are doing live streams with the following schedule (times are AEST) (as of 12th of April 2020)

  • TUESDAYS - You 7PM
  • THURSDAY - Ria 7PM
  • SUNDAY - Sundays with AGS102!! 7PM on youtube!

As per health advice we will not be resuming Live shows with an audience for the forseeable future.

The rules below will likely change as soon as we are able to resume live performances with an audience as per Worksafe, and NSW Health Guidelines.


We reserve the right to exclude any parties from live shows if you do not comply to any of the rules below. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

  • RESPECT - Be respectful to venues, organisers, performers and audience members
  • Please take your rubbish with you and dispose of it responsibly after the live
  • Please do NOT loiter around the live venue after the live venue finishes, merchandise table
  • Please look after your personal belongings - we are not responsible for any lost items at any of our live show events
  • Video & Photography is welcome! However, please note special Venue Rules


  • No Consumption of Alcohol, No Intoxicated behavior
  • A valid ticket is required to be at our LIVE SHOW - please buy before entry at the Counter next to the Entrance
  • Stay in the venue during the live show, unless you need to use the bathroom
  • Do not damage furniture, items, or assets of Uncle Tetsu's Cafe
  • Do not move furniture - please ask ags102 staff if you would like extra seating
  • Do NOT sit on tables


  • Photography/Videography that is not on a phone is prohibited in this area* Please apply for a Media Pass at for photography / videography in this area or any other arrangement.
    • DSLRs, Mirrorless, Compact Cameras - no photography allowed
    • Tripods, Monopods, Selfiesticks, Steadicams


  • No cylume holders, bandolier, rings, handmade/modified cylumes, mega cylumes, flags, or any other implement that may significantly block the view of other audience members
  • No Steadicam rigs (please apply for a media pass)
  • We advise audience members to keep equipment/drinks on body instead of on the floor for safety reasons



As part of the Culture at AGS102, you will find that fans around you are often yelling loudly and passionately at their top of their voice, something like "aiba aiba"! This is what is known as calls! Feel free to ask them, or ask staff and we will be able to help you learn them should you want to join in the fun! The AGS102 Members



    • (FOR LOCAL FANS) Decorated Cheki are to be only handed out at AGS102 LIVE SHOWS - please do not ask staff or members to meet you outside of LIVE SHOW hours
    • (FOR FANS > 50KM FROM LIVE VENUE) we may consider postage of up to five Chekis for free. However, we strongly advise taking your Cheki home on the day should you live too far to come to our LIVE SHOWs regularly
    • Members take their time to carefully decorate the chekis - they may not have them ready for you at the following show - please do not hesitate to ask any questions
    • Staff & members reserve the right to move you along or ask you to change your pose should it be undesirable
    • Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, we cannot refund your Cheki Tokens


    • Please feel free to contact us if there are any damages or manufacturing defects with the product as soon as you have purchased it. We may be able to offer a replacement or refund under Australian Consumer Law standards. Due to the nature of Chekis, this may be difficult to do however.
    • Online Purchases - Shipped goods may take 2-4 weeks to arrive dependent on state and stock levels
    • Feel free to give us feedback!


Simply express your interest thru email at detailing the following

    • Live event (s)
    • Location / intent of photography
    • Portfolio / Social Media
    • Project (if applicable)

SATSUEI-KAI 撮影会 - Photoshoot session


From 12/12/2019

AGS102 will be temporarily opening up bookings for photoshoot sessions with AGS102 members. Please note that not all members will be available, but we will try to confirm if they are available as soon as possible.

The details are as follows :

    • 1 hour limit for photoshoot time
    • Camera will not be provided, please bring your own device
    • Booking will only be for one photographer - please do not invite other people to the shoot
    • Model release will be provided with specific conditions
    • AGS102 staff will be present at the photoshoot
    • There is a fee will be confirmed upon your registration
    • Please do not take any inappropriate or voyeuristic photos - we will take further action if necessary

To apply - send to the following details :

    • Date / around when you want to shoot - this will be mostly down to our schedule
    • Location - you may leave this to us, we may refuse should it be impractical to attend
    • Theme / Concept (if relevant), or any requests in regards to outfits
    • Member that you want to shoot with